ATP 38 is the latest technology in the process of healing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory matters. The device functions according to the LLLT (Low-level light therapy) principle, which is characterised by eight pure wavelengths. They are transmitted locally on parts of the body and captured by weakened cells. Through deep penetration to the heart of the cells, the wavelengths stimulate and accelerate their regeneration process.


The absorption of the wave, produced by phototherapy, by the components of the cellular respiratory chain stimulates the production of molecules in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). At the dermal level, this is reflected in an increase in the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres, which amplifies the natural restorative metabolism of cells and improves the condition of every layer of the skin as well as the bones.

A concentration of new technologies combined with better techniques, acting on the principle of biostimulation. The
ATP38® favours power density, in other words a strong concentration of photons to quickly deliver the total intended energy dose. The practitioner can configure his or her own protocols for the treatment.

The ATP38® makes it possible to treat larger surfaces with greater precision while scientifically guaranteeing the energy dose on the treated surface.